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According to the law, "WM-Bauträger GmbH" is fully responsibly for the contents of the webpage they are offering for public use. Please note that the contents of our webpage differ from the contents of the links provided by other suppliers. 

 By offering any links, "WM-Bauträger GmbH" offers contents of other websites which are marked as "link". "WM-Bauträger GmbH" is only responsible for these contents, if they are in the know of the contents (even if they are against the law), and if it is possible, from a technical point of view, to prevent its usage (§5 Abs.2 TDG).

Links are dynamic referrals. As a matter of fact, when first opened, "WM-Bauträger GmbH" has checked if the contentents of these websites are against civil or criminal law. According to the TDG, the host of this website is not responsible for examining the contents of the websites he is referring to on a regular basis. Only if it is obvious, or somebody else notices, that he has offered a link of which contents are against civil or criminal law, he will remove the referral, as far as possible.

The host of this website, "WM-Bauträger GmbH", is not responsible for the contents of the links or offers he has presented or made (and are against the las) after they have been removed from his website, even if it is still possible to open these links by other severs.

 WM-Bauträger GmbH uses this link-disclaimer by permission of  the controller for data protection Berlin (http://www.datenschutz-berlin.de/) of whose website it was taken for us. It is available for everybody who would like to use it.


Guestbook, Forum, Market place
Entries from the guestbook, the forum or the maket place can be removed without further comments, especially when against the law or good manners. This applies to graphics as well. Subject to change, no liability.


Closing remarks
Should there be, in any ways, a breach of the law, or rather any links which are against the law, the relevant graphics, texts, links or anything else will be remove as quickly as possible from this domain. We would be happy about any notification of that kind (contact: see imprint ), preferably with proof.

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